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TA Instruments’ reputation for high technology products, quality manufacturing and unbeatable after sales support is why more customers recommend TA products to their colleagues around the world. Headquartered in New Castle, DE, TA Instruments prides ourselves in the technical competence and professionalism that our sales force offers. We are the only thermal analysis, rheology, and microcalorimetry supplier recognized worldwide for our prompt, courteous and knowledgeable service staff, the hallmark of our company.


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Ecolab provides unrivalled expertise in the production of sterile products for total contamination control. We

systemhave a long track record of providing premier contamination control solutions for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, healthcare and medical device industries worldwide.

Our extensive knowledge of this sector and its rigorous regulatory standards provides us with an unrivalled insight into the requirements for both a sterile and non-sterile range.

Our customers have the assurance of purpose built state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and more than 15 years experience of high quality cleanroom manufacture to the principles of cGMP, as well as extensive technical expertise and a well-deserved reputation for innovation, proven by awards from the cleanroom industry.

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 Dr. James Meinhard was asked in 1973 if he could fabricate a concentric glass nebulizer for the inductively coupled      plasma spectrometer, then in its infancy. Patterning his efforts after a century-old design (Gouy 1879) and working in a  private shop, Dr. Meinhard drew capillaries and sealed them into prefabricated shells. The resultant MEINHARD®  concentric glass nebulizer was found to outperform a cross-flow nebulizer in tests conducted at Ames Laboratory in Iowa and subsequently was selected by a prominent instrument manufacturer as a standard part of its ICP sample introduction system. The first model featured the lapped, coplanar “Type A” nozzle. It remains popular to this day.

In 1983, J E Meinhard Associates, Inc introduced the “Type C” nebulizer which is designed to tolerate samples high in dissolved solids. The argon-conserving low-flow “Type K” followed a year later in a cooperative effort with an instrument manufacturer. The CIR was conceived in 1990 in collaboration with another manufacturer to operate with helium in its mass spectrometer.

Hybrid systems grew popular. In the early 1990’s, J E Meinhard Associates Inc offered a small bore (SB) modification in response to demand for reduction in dead volume in HPLC-ICP and other hybrid techniques. The High Efficiency Nebulizer (HEN) was introduced for microsample analysis without loss of detection limits for use in standard ICP systems and FIA- and HPLC-ICP systems.

In 1997, in collaboration with a major university, J E Meinhard Associates, Inc offered a new innovation in direct injection nebulization, the Direct Injection High Efficiency Nebulizer (DIHEN) (US Pat. 6166379). The DIHEN offers the advantages of the HEN with the ability to nebulize the sample directly into the analytical plasma.

Meinhard Glass Products continues the evolution in nebulizer design. The principle goal is to produce finer, more narrowly sized-dispersed aerosols while maintaining the high quality, low cost and simplicity of design and operation that characterize the MEINHARD® nebulizer.